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The insulating foundation for energy efficient buildings


If you want to save energy in the future, you must literally start from the bottom up, since thermal insulation always begins at the foundation:

ISOQUICK® provides both an effective and inexpensive insulating foundation that can easily be adapted for any new-build residential or commercial project – be it a low-energy, passive, net-zero-energy or energy-plus house. The ISOQUICK® brand has national technical approval. In addition, we are the first provider of load-bearing perimeter insulation to be certified by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt as a “component suitable for passive houses”.

Customer service certainly does not end with the delivery of the floor slab insulation. Our guiding principle, “Everything from a single source”, guarantees considerable quality and precision, ranging from consultation and production all the way to installation. This is particularly essential in the case of thermal insulation beneath foundation slabs, as it is very difficult to make corrections after installing the floor slabs. There is no second chance when installing insulating foundations! Cut the risk by taking advantage of our many years of experience with insulating foundations. We are happy to advise you!

ISOQUICK® …insulate correctly from the ground up!