Insulated Raft

With ISOQUICK® insulating foundations, flexible application goes hand in hand with the highly thermally resistant and robust composition of the material.

The ISOQUICK® modules consist of Peripor®, a water-resistant foam from the BASF® polystyrene range that was developed for applications subject to pressure and moisture.

ISOQUICK® insulating foundations are based on the concept of raft foundations using a semi-rigid foundation slab. The simple geometry makes it the optimum insulation and also provides robust structural results. This concept dispenses with the need for complex concrete frost skirts,edge thickenings or strip foundations.

This clever system enables a diverse range of insulation and concrete profiles. The modules are prefabricated individually and then joined together seamlessly on the construction site to virtually eliminate waste. What is more, complex and costly labour, including setting up and stripping formwork, can be done away with.

ISOQUICK®… without a doubt a genius profile!

The pyramid-shaped button profile that is characteristic of ISOQUICK® provides unique advantages compared to smooth insulating panels. The individual components cannot shift during either installation or concreting and thus form a stable shutter. The patented structure also increases the stability of the building. Force resulting, for example, from ground pressure on one side of the building can be transmitted into the subsoil via the ISOQUICK® insulating foundation. The special shape of the edge pieces enables both a thermal bridge-free transition (certified passive house components) to the adjoining walls as well as sealing according to DIN 18195-4.

The ISOQUICK® insulating foundation is a well-designed comprehensive system with national technical approval that takes into account the ongoing drive towards energy saving construction. Put some warm socks on your house and stand up to increasing energy prices: ISOQUICK® insulating foundations enable you to build in an ecologically sensible, future-oriented and cost-conscious manner.

ISOQUICK®…thinking ahead!