Approvals and Certificates


Load-bearing insulating materials require product-specific national technical approval. Since 2007, ISOQUICK insulating foundations have been the only comprehensive system in the perimeter insulation field to have received national technical approval for insulation thicknesses from 150 to 300 mm. Thanks to the pyramid-shaped button profile, ISOQUICK insulating foundations are approved for both compressive and shear stresses with a double-layer application. Please fill out our contact form to receive the entire approval description.

It’s not just the product approval that is important but also the quality and responsibility for the correct handling of the product. Practice has shown that the desired results are not always achieved when the production, supply and installation are distributed across different providers. This makes it even more important that all risks are avoided when it comes to the foundation slab for passive houses and any other construction components that cannot be subsequently repaired. Get all services from a single source: you can rely on our highly qualified team!


We’ll also gladly provide you with a copy of our LABC-certificate for UK.


We’ll also gladly provide you with a copy of our certificate that certifies the component’s suitability for passive house construction.

Mark of conformity (Ü symbol):

Our production is subject to continuous internal and third-party monitoring. Only when it conforms to the national technical approval requirements is the product allowed to carry the Ü symbol.

Technische Daten